Ornament hemp artwork you reap what you sow


When it comes to making our garments, we consciously choose to only work with sustainable and organic GOTS™ certified fabrics. Using materials like hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. Additionally, we also incorporate recycled materials into our creations.

All of our garments are carefully crafted with the highest attention to detail and quality.

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Life-time repair service

At the ornament hemp company, we embrace a "repair, don't replace" philosophy. Complementing the durability and top-notch quality of our clothing, we proudly offer a complimentary lifetime repair service for all our products.

Why Hemp

Hemp offers a multitude of advantages for both people and planet. From nourishing our bodies to cleaning our atmosphere, hemp stands as a beacon of light to help guide us to a healthier and more sustainable future.

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hemp plant with roots engraving style drawing


Krevelstraat 18
9000 Gent, Belgium
+32 478 82 68 52

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