Our Purpose

At Ornament Hemp, we view our role as a company as an opportunity to catalyze solutions for the pressing environmental challenges of our time. Through our creations, we aim to not only raise awareness about the advantages of hemp for both individuals and the planet, but also to inspire action.

Our ultimate mission centers on nurturing the expansion of the hemp revolution, facilitating a profound and sustainable transformation for the betterment of humanity.

Our Approach

To be able to offer high-quality garments made from sustainable crops, we've established a strategic partnership with a hemp mill located in China. Remarkably, China stands alone as the global leader in large-scale hemp cultivation, affording us access to an extensive range of hemp fabrics tailored specifically for garment manufacturing.

Why not source closer to home?

Although industrial hemp cultivation is growing again in Europe, there are strict regulations and limited suppliers offering fabric options. Additionally, most of the European textile industry moved to Asia in the late 1970's due to lower production costs.

As a result, we established a strategic partnership with a hemp mill situated in Shandong, China. In 2019, we undertook a visit to this mill, allowing us to interact directly with the workers. We were pleased to observe a facility that upholds the principles of employee well-being and grants them the respect they deserve.       

Ornament production facility china

About our inspection

The workforce predominantly consists of women engaged in garment production. The factory has implemented measures that reflect its commitment to their well-being, including the provision of complimentary daycare services for their children, free daily lunches, and organized sporting activities during break times.

Each garment worker completes an 8-hour workday, including a 1-hour lunch break, and is compensated in accordance with the Chinese labor regulations, ensuring a fair living wage.

The facility is equipped with modern sewing machinery and showcases a safe working environment characterized by well-lit spaces and efficient air conditioning. 

Fabric Certification

Our fabric selection features textiles that have been certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Organic Content Standard (OCS 100). The factory we collaborate with holds the Fair-Wear certification, emphasizing our commitment to safeguarding the well-being of all individuals engaged in the production process.


Our partner in China oversee the production of fabrics, pattern cutting, and overlocking. Once the semi-finished raw garments are crafted, they are prepared for dispatch and sent out for a singular sea freight shipment to our workshop located in The Netherlands.

Upon entering our workshop, a significant range of finishing touches is executed in-house. We handle different aspects including:

  • sewing
  • hemming
  • dyeing
  • screen-printing
  • embroidering
  • labeling and packaging

    Other accessories like our 5-panel caps, hats, and tote bags are exclusively crafted in our workshop in The Netherlands.

    By thoughtfully coordinating our production activities between China and The Netherlands, we aspire to craft unique garments that uphold a standard of quality and intricate detail, all while ensuring accessible pricing for our esteemed customers.

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